Sunday, September 28, 2014

September Dance Blog

Monthly goals:
classwork/choreography- I will work on favorite son outside of class so I remember the moves we learn in class
technique and performance- I will remember what Maggie told me when I met with her that one day, about the pirouette exercise.

Dance article:
I read an SF gate article about the Mark Morris Dance Group and Music Ensemble. The author  admires Morris's work and thinks that Morris picked the perfect music to go along with the choreography. The way people inevitably pair off into duets or trios for dances enchants the author of this article. They thought the way the dancers moved their bodies portrayed the emotions brewing in their lovers quarrel. The writer thinks that the group did a really great job and that Morris knew exactly what he was doing when picking the music. It seems like a great production and I would love to see it because I found this article sort of confusing and I'd like to be able to get a better sense of what went on. After reading this article, I was intrigued by what the Morris Dance Group had to offer but not so intrigued that I sought more information about the group or the performance.

Dance history assignments: Bob Fosse 
Important facts about Fosse
  • used a lot of jazz hands, turned in knees, rolled shoulders, snapping, usage of hats etc
  • was an actor, dancer, choreographer, director etc.
  • acted, director or choreographed over 30 shows 
  • very structured, exact, demanding and detailed 
Youtube videos
Mini clips of Fosse dancing:
A taste of Fosse's choreography:
Fosse's choreography from Cabaret:

Fosse's work is important because it combined sexual and vaudevillian movements to create a really unique style of dance. Fosse communicated pain and amplified emotions through his very technical work. After having researched his work, it's become apparent to me the difference in the various forms of dance in certain musicals and how that affects the overall message of the dance or the show. I think at first one might not like Fosse's work because of the strangeness of it but when you recognize the power of weird movements, his work becomes very intriguing. 

What's happening in class:
Currently we are learning favorite son, I think our class is catching on to very quickly but I feel like because some people already know the dance, we're moving a little fast. Which means I need to rehearse outside of class more so I don't forget it, which is my goal for this next month. 
I hope I'm working up to my potential, and I try to stay engaged in every class. I think because I'm used to a classical ballet class and in dance 1 the requirements are much lower than dance 3, I'm missing some of the expectations taught in dance 2. I don't think my strength, flexibility or endurance are improving because I haven't been working on them, I've gotten really caught up in school and I  get overwhelmed and forget to work on strength, flexibility and endurance.