Thursday, October 30, 2014

October Dance Blog

Monthly goals: 
classwork/choreography- We learned a new dance today that I find pretty confusing because of the timing, so it's important that I practice the counts as well as the dance, to make sure I don't get flabbergasted when we dance as a group. 
technique and performance- I really need to work on my pirouettes and the pirouette exercise. To help with pirouette, I think I'll start wearing my toe pads to class, and working on my turns. 

Dance article:
The article I found was on the American Ballet Theater's performances yesterday in the New York Times dance section of their website. The author discussed three pieces with opinions ranging from praise to dissatisfaction. The writer of the article, said their rendition of "Bach Partita" required many dancers, including 3 couples, 7 more pairs and a corps of 16 women. All the dancers choreography layered onto one another, overlapping creating a canon-esque look. Everything was crisp and executed with precision and the movements were symmetrical, which enchanted the audience. However, when they performed "Raymonda Divertissements", the author generally enjoyed the piece, but found that the dancers were either too forceful or too reserved. In contrast, "Gaîté Parisienne" was "too polite" and "lacks the gusto to match the Offenbach score". The author was clearly not a fan of the way the American Ballet Theater approached this piece of work, he found the lovers waltz lacking in depth and maturity. Because of the negativity towards the second and last pieces, I don't feel very inclined to see the show; although having heard these opinions, I'd like to watch it and compare the authors opinions to my own. The article didn't particularly compel me to want to look into the performance further, but I definitely will start looking at aspects of a show I haven't considered before (such as, maturity, forcefulness, and politeness or reservations). 

Dance history assignments: Anna Pavlova
Important facts about Anna Pavlova

  • Russian ballerina, who's signature role was The Dying Swan
  • She was so talented that she went immediately into dancing in small groups as opposed to dancing in the corps 
  • Invited to dance with Ballet Russe in 1909
  • Made her own ballet company and therefore had total control over the choreography, the creative aspect of dance etc. 
  • Teachers immediately recognized her immense skill 
  • Her technique was very classical but she was influenced by different types of cultures 
YouTube videos:
The Dying Swan:
More dancing clips:

Anna Pavlova was a renowned classical Russian ballet dancer. She's a very important person because her legacy of grace and emotion, influenced ballet today. She was always extremely passionate about dance from a very young age and that passion only blossomed as she became more and more involved with the ballet world. She was not only known for her impeccable talent, but also for being incredibly dedicated and hard working. The way she danced was a pouring of emotions only able to be expressed through movement, she used feelings to enhance her performances. Researching Pavlova is very inspirational, especially after seeing videos of the graceful way she dances. I think she is a beautiful dancer who exemplifies what ballet, and dance in general should be.

What's happening in class:
We've just started a new dance with hats that's actually an add on in the beginning of an old dance. The timing is very tricky, but as I said I'll be working on it. It's really unfortunate that Emily hurt her wrist and it makes the dance a little more difficult but I'm sure with practice we'll both feel more confident with how to work with her injury. I'm feeling a little frustrated with my pirouettes and I really need to start working on those because I used to be much better at them. The way we do pirouettes is also different for me so I need to practice them so it becomes more comfortable. I think I've been working in dane and staying engaged. As for my goals from last month, I think I've improved on the favorite son dance, but I haven't been practicing outside of class as much as I should. In light of the fact that we have a performance on Tuesday, I'll definitely be practicing more this weekend. My strength/endurance I think may be improving but my flexibility isn't because I haven't been working on it. 

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